Wedding Live Stream

Wedding Live Stream

Live stream your wedding ceremony around the world! Don’t let the current restrictions put a stop to your family and friends being part of your amazing day.


This service allows you to live stream your wedding ceremony over the internet, meaning your guests can watch everything as it happens from the comfort of their homes.


You’ll get a dedicated web page prior to the day for your guests to visit and get ready to tune in. Three camera angles ensures that no moment is missed. You’ll also get a copy of the ceremony afterwards for download and sharing.


The streaming package includes:

Pre-Wedding call to plan the stream
Visit to your venue or church to test set-up
Dedicated web page for your stream
Full Live Stream of your ceremony
Three camera angles
Copy of your ceremony available for download
Travel within Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire
Speeches available as an added extra


Priced at £375


Frequently Asked Questions


So how does it work?

It’s simple! I’ll use three professional cameras to live stream your wedding ceremony over the internet in glorious HD. I switch between different camera angles in real time, meaning that your guests will feel like they are there with you.


Getting booked in


How do we book you?

I use an online booking system which means booking me is quick and easy. I’ll send you a quote via email, click the link, and if you’re happy with the quote just click Accept. You’ll then be able to sign the contract, complete my questionnaire and pay the deposit all using your phone, tablet or computer. You’ll then get a confirmation and receipt emailed straight back to you.


What's the deposit and when do we settle the balance?

A 20% deposit is due at the time of booking and that’s used to secure your date. The final balance is then due in full no later than 30 days before your Wedding date.


Can you stream our speeches?

Absolutely! You can add speeches to your package for an additional £150


Before your ceremony


What is the Pre-wedding call?

We’ll arrange a voice or video call prior to your big day to ensure everything is planned to perfection. I’ll check the finer details with you, including timings, and arrange my arrival time. This call will normally take place 2 to 4 weeks before your big day.


Why do you need to visit the church or venue before the big day?

Being able to live stream your ceremony all depends on one very important factor – the reliability of the internet connection. If the speed is poor then the stream will be unreliable, bad quality, and not be great to watch for your guests. Therefore I always attend your church or venue before the big day to conduct thorough tests of the internet and my equipment. I’ll test the quality of the venues Wi-fi (If available), and my own internet source. This ensures you have peace of mind on the day that everything will run smoothly.


What is the dedicated web page?

This is where your virtual guests will attend your ceremony. Once you’re booked in I’ll send you over a link. You can then share this with your guests and this is where they’ll go to watch the live stream. The web page is all yours, and the video will count down until the ceremony starts. An example of this web page can be found here:


On the day


When will you arrive?

I will usually arrive up to an hour before your ceremony to get set up.


When will the stream start?

I will start the stream around 15 minutes before it starts. This allows your virtual guests to get settled in and take in the surroundings prior to you walking up the aisle. They’ll feel more involved and immersed in the day.


Can you capture our arrival or in different rooms?

The nature of my streaming equipment means that my cameras have to stay in one place. So for your ceremony I’ll only be able to stream from inside the church or ceremony room. I can’t roam around outside to capture your arrival or move to different rooms, everything that will be streamed will be happening in the same room.


When will you leave?

I will usually leave once your ceremony has concluded and you have walked back down the aisle.


The technical stuff


What happens if the internet connection isn't good enough at my church or venue?

If after carrying out tests at your church or venue I find that it won’t be possible to stream due to poor a poor internet connection, then I will inform you as early as possible, and issue you a full refund of any money paid (Including your deposit).


What backup do you have if the internet fails on the day? Can you guarantee there won't be an issues?

Even with all my extensive pre-wedding tests of the internet connection, it would be impossible to 100% guarantee that there won’t be issues on the day. There could be problems with the internet connection that I just couldn’t reasonably predict due to reasons outside of my control. Therefore should I have a complete internet failure on the day, I will record your ceremony in full on all three cameras. I will then complete a same day edit, normally within just a few hours, and upload this to the internet ready to be viewed and downloaded. Although this is of course a worst case scenario, it’s important for you to know that I have contingencies to ensure your guests can be part of your special day.


What platform do you use to stream?

I use YouTube on the unlisted setting, so only your guests on the dedicated web page can watch. YouTube is reliable and most widely compatible with various devices and browsers.




Do you travel outside of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire?

Yes, absolutely! I love visiting new places and venues, please get in touch wherever your venue is in the UK. Please see the next question for possible additional fees.


Do you charge for travel and accommodation?

Travel to any location within 30 miles of Derby (Covers all of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire) is included within your package, and anything beyond that is charged at 50p per mile.

If your Wedding is more than 2 hours away I would usually require accommodation the night before your big day. This ensures I avoid any unfortunate traffic incidents and also ensures I can be with you early enough to start capturing those memories. I would also require accommodation afterwards, on the night of your big day. This ensures I can stay late enough to capture your first dance and all the night time antics. For full clarity, any extra travel and accommodation costs will be discussed with you and included in any quotes I send over.


After the Wedding


How long until we receive our edited ceremony?

You’ll receive a download link to your edited ceremony within 7 days. This can be viewed, downloaded and shared using this link.


Can we order a personalised USB & Box for our ceremony video?

Absolutely! These are priced at £40 each and can be ordered any time, just drop me a message. I can also post these out to other addresses, such as parents or grandparents, if you provide their address.



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