About Me


If I'm to be part of your special day it's only fair that you know a little about me!

Hi, I'm Tom

As far back as I can remember I've always been shooting video. From using my Grandad's old tape camera to make movies and filming the world around me, I just loved having a video camera in hand and was fascinated with capturing a moment.

Why Did You Start Filming Weddings?

I took the plunge into Wedding videography after my own Wedding in 2016.​ I filmed the entire day myself and managed to capture so many special memories. After sharing the videos with family and friends I realised just how amazing it was to have the day on video. From my reaction to seeing Katie in her stunning dress all the way down to little things people said throughout the day. I was on a wedding buzz! I then thought, “I could do this for other people!”, and so the adventure began.

Why I  Filming Weddings

I believe there is no greater honour than being asked to film the most important day of a couple’s lives. I love knowing that I’m helping preserve memories for a lifetime and creating videos that’ll be cherished by the couple and generations to come. Plus there’s no happier occasion to be at than a Wedding!

What’s Your Filming Style?

My style is to capture events naturally with beauty, charm, and elegance, with all the polish you’d expect from a professional wedding video. There’s no cringe in these videos! Only natural emotion, beauty and love. I aim to be as unobtrusive as possible, I’m doing my job properly if you’re immersed in your own day and not having to worrying about the cameras. I encourage you to view my previous work and get a feel for my filming style prior to booking.