Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a a breakdown of the questions that I get asked the most. Hopefully you’ll find the answer you’re looking for here, but if you’re still left wondering then please get in touch by clicking here.




Are you still taking bookings?

Absolutely, yes! I’m still here, very eager to get stuck back in to filming weddings. This is an ever developing situation, so I’m unsure when weddings will start up again. 2021 and 2022 are business as usual. However, I am having to reschedule most of my Spring and Summer 2020 weddings to next year, which is impacting availability for 2021. So please please get in touch as early as possible to avoid disappointment.


I have booked you for my wedding and we may have to postpone. What do we do?

I’m here to help out as much as possible. I’d urge you to get in touch as soon as you can to discuss your big day. If your wedding is cancelled due to COIVD-19 and you are forced to postpone, I will happily rebook you in to any future date with no issue or charge, as long as I am free. Please give me as much notice as possible of the dates you are looking at so I can advise of my availability. I am happy to put a reserve on your new possible date whilst you get everything sorted out, but please let me know as early as possible.


Before Booking


How do we book you?

It’s simple! I use an online booking system which means booking me is quick and easy. I’ll send you a quote via email, click the link, and if you’re happy with the quote just click Accept. You’ll then be able to sign the contract, complete my questionnaire and pay the deposit all using your phone, tablet or computer. You’ll then get a confirmation and receipt emailed straight back to you.


Do we need to meet you before we book?

Although I’m always happy to meet prior to you making the decision to book me, there’s no necessity to do so. If you like what you see, book me! That’s what the majority of my couples do. Of course it’s a big investment so if you would like to meet, don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll even get the drinks in.


What's the deposit and when do we settle the balance?

A 20% deposit is due at the time of booking and that’s used to secure your date. The final balance is then due in full no later than 30 days before your Wedding date.


Why should we hire a videographer? And where does our money go?

Your Wedding day is the most important day of your life, for this reason I only take on a select number of bookings each year to ensure that I give each Wedding my absolute care and attention. My goal is to always offer the best service and videos possible. I offer a high quality product all round.

Of course I’ll be slightly biased when I say this, but I genuinely believe that having your Wedding day captured on film will be the greatest decision you make. It’s a lifetime investment. The people who mean the most to you in the world preserved forever, their voices too. Being able to re-live the happiest day of your life again and again. Not only with your new husband or wife, but with your friends, family, and future generations to come. A priceless family heirloom. Once your perfect day comes to an end, you’re left with three things: Your memories, your photographs, and your videos.

I often hear of couples who want to save money by asking a friend or family member to film the day on a phone or GoPro. Unfortunately, this can add pressure to the person selected for the job and often means they can’t truly enjoy the day with you. It also means that the majority of the footage will be of poor quality, and most likely not be a natural, unobtrusive capture of the day. A dedicated videographer with professional equipment will always capture a Wedding more beautifully than a guest ever could.

I invest a lot of money in ensuring I’m using high quality, professional video and audio equipment. The result? Videos that look and sound absolutely gorgeous. Leave your camcorder at home Uncle Dave, I’ve got this.

Once the big day has been and gone I then pour my heart and soul into editing your videos, which can require over a week of non-stop work to create your stunning videos. You’ll then be getting these on a beautifully crafted, personally engraved wooden USB and presentation box.


How long have you been filming weddings?

I’ve been shooting weddings since 2017, so 2020 will be my 4th year. In this time I have filmed over 65 weddings all over the UK.


The Videos


What videos do we get as part of The Wedding Collection?

You’ll receive four videos in total:

  • Highlight Film lasting around 4 minutes
  • Your Ceremony in full as a video
  • Your Speeches in full as a video
  • Your First Dance in full as a video


What exactly is the Highlight Film?

This is a highly edited video that’s at least 4 minutes in length, containing the loveliest moments from your entire day. This is set to music fitting in with the feel of the day, with snippets of your ceremony and speeches woven in to create a beautiful story and recollection of your amazing day. The aim with the Highlight video is to capture the special moments from your day; to create a video that you’ll want to watch, share and treasure forever. This certainly isn’t like the “old fashioned” wedding videos, 3 hours long and never being watched again. This is a beautifully edited story, full of natural moments and love. I’m able to fit your whole day into this video. Don’t believe me? Head over to this page to watch some examples of other Highlight Films.


What do the full Ceremony, Speeches and First Dance videos look like?

Click here to view examples of what your full videos will look like, and how they are edited:



First Dance


What extras do you offer?

Beautiful Drone Coverage – £200

Gorgeous aerial footage captured on your big day. Fully insured, approved and licensed by the CAA. Subject to local permissions, restrictions and weather. Refund will be provided if I am unable to fly on the day.

Full Wedding Film – £300

Sometimes referred to as a “Documentary Edit”. Combine your Ceremony and Speeches video with lots of other moments from your day into a full length Wedding film lasting approximately 30-60 minutes. Includes extended moments from the morning, your family shots, natural moments during the drinks hour, room and venue details, natural evening moments and your cake cutting. The fullest way to relive your amazing day.

Additional 2 minutes on Highlight – £200

More incredible moments included in your stunning Highlight video.

Teaser within 48 hours – £100

A 60 second long video produced within 2 days of your amazing day, showcasing lovely moments and containing audio from your day. A lovely video to share on social media or send to family and friends as a thank you.

All Videos in Stunning 4k – £100

Your videos will look even more beautiful in crisp 4K resolution.




Do you travel outside of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire?

Yes, absolutely! I love visiting new places and venues, please get in touch wherever your venue is in the UK. Please see the next question for possible additional fees.


Do you charge for travel and accommodation?

Travel to any location within 30 miles of Derby (Covers all of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire) is included within your package, and anything beyond that is charged at 50p per mile.

If your Wedding is more than 2 hours away I would usually require accommodation the night before your big day. This ensures I avoid any unfortunate traffic incidents and also ensures I can be with you early enough to start capturing those memories. I would also require accommodation afterwards, on the night of your big day. This ensures I can stay late enough to capture your first dance and all the night time antics. For full clarity, any extra travel and accommodation costs will be discussed with you and included in any quotes I send over.


On the Big Day


When will you arrive?

I find a good time to arrive for your morning preparations is around 2 hours before the ceremony. This gives me more than enough time to capture those lovely, exciting moments from the morning. It also ensures I’m not there too early, as you’ll want some time to take it all in after you wake up!


Do we need to provide you with a meal?

There’s no requirement to arrange a meal for me however I am always grateful if you do decide to provide one. If one isn’t provided on the day, I’ll need to leave to grab some much needed food. So please bear in mind that if your venue is quite remote this could mean me being off site for some time.


Can you film both of us getting ready?

Your booking will include coverage from one videographer, which will be me! By the very nature of this I’m unable to capture events happening at different locations at the same time. I’ll always try my very best to capture both parties getting ready however this is normally only possible if you are getting ready at the same location or very close by. As a general rule the furthest I’d be able to travel to capture a second set of preparations is a 10 minute drive. This minimises the risk of missing out on other important moments of the day.


Do you get video messages from our guests?

At this time, it isn’t something I offer. My style is to capture moments that are as natural as possible and I don’t like to put your guests on the spot or make them feel uncomfortable. For this reason I focus my efforts on blending into the background to capture those genuine, lovely memories.


When will you leave?

I don’t put a limit on my time and I’m happy to stay until you need me if anything special is happening after your first dance. I find that a good rule is that I’ll stay until around 30 minutes after the first dance. By then I tend to have enough lovely shots of people dancing and having fun. Plus I’m not spoiling peoples fun by them worrying about their drunken antics being filmed! Once I know I have enough footage to put together your videos, I’ll come and find you to say my goodbyes.


After the Wedding


Do you back up our footage?

Yes, lot’s of times. Immediately after your Wedding I back up all your files on to an external hard drive. Straight away I then back this up to a second external hard drive. And for good measure, I then back up every file to the cloud over the internet, meaning that your Wedding is totally safe whatever happens. On the day I also use cameras that have dual card slots which records the same clip on to two separate cards. You can never be too safe!


Can we pick our own music track?

Unfortunately not. Music licensing and copyright laws in the UK are very restrictive. There are many companies who will continue to use commercial music in their films illegally, there’s always a risk that the record label who produce the song will take legal action through civil or criminal courts for what is essentially stealing their work. Plus it also means that if you try to share your videos online they’ll have the audio muted and most likely removed. For that reason, I don’t use commercial music in your videos, and instead use a catalogue of fully licensed independent artists to whom I pay a fee to use their music (the cost of licensing the music is included). Your videos are 100% legit and all the content in them is owned by you!


Will we get every shot you capture on the day?

With the four videos I deliver to you as part of the single package I’m able to provide fantastic coverage of your entire day, all highly edited and of beautiful quality. I’d always much prefer to deliver quality over quantity. From such a lovely and action packed day there is bound to be some footage I’m not able to squeeze into your final videos, although I will always try to select the most important and beautiful shots for you. For anyone wanting even more footage and a longer “documentary style” video, I recommend my Full Wedding Film. Take a look at my Pricing for more details.


How long until we receive our videos?

I usually quote around 12 weeks for delivery, however this can be more or less depending on the time of year and the number of Weddings in my queue. I’ll keep you updated throughout the process and I promise it’ll be worth the wait.


Can we order extra copies of our personalised USB & Box?

Absolutely! These are priced at £40 each and can be ordered any time, just drop me a message. I can also post these out to other addresses, such as parents or grandparents, if you provide their address.


Can we make our own copies of the videos?

100% you can. The videos are regular MP4 files so they should work on most smart TVs, computers and laptops. Please feel free to share them, make copies, and treasure them forever. These are yours to share and do with what you please.